Eurocopter EC135 - WEF Davos


WEF Taxi Flight Helicopter EC135

The Eurocopter EC135 is perfectly qualified as a VIP helicopter to the WEF Davos. Because of its special tail rotor, the noice is clearly reduced to comparable helicopters. Enjoy your flight to the WEF Davos in a quiet and comfortable cabine and arrive relaxed and ready for business. 


Helicopter Details

Technical Data
number of passengers: 4
number of pilots: 2
number of turbines: 2

leather seats
active noise reduction intercom
auto pilot
air condition
snacks / drinks


Flight Prices WEF Davos

Altenrhein - Davos or Davos - Altenrhein
flight time: about 30 min
price one way: CHF 8'900.-

Friedrichshafen - Davos or Davos - Friedrichshafen
flight time: about 40 min
price one way: CHF 10'500.-

Munich - Davos or Davos - Munich
flight time: about 40 min
price one way: CHF 18'900.-


Flightbase Taxi Flight WEF Davos
Flughafenstrasse 11-13
9423 Thal

Phone 0041 71 554 80 74

You can reach us 7 days a week from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm by phone or email